French toast is traditionally made by dunking bread into an egg and milk mixture, it is then lightly fried in butter until golden.

That alone is enough for most people to put up their hands and shout “sign me up”.

But slow down, you’ll want to read these slow cooker recipes first and add a little extra “je ne sais quoi” to your breakfast.

Crockpot Raspberry Chocolate Chip French Toast Casserole

Photo: Savory Nothings

Chocolate in French toast is so luxurious. The gooey chocolate that melts in between the layers of bread with the tartness of the fresh raspberries are a great match.

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Overnight Slow Cooker Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast

Photo: The Recipe Rebel

This recipe has a fresh lemon flavour with a slight nuttiness from the poppy seeds.  Poppy seeds are nutritious and are a rich source of minerals such as calcium and iron.

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Crock Pot Apple Raisin French Toast Recipe

Photo: Tammilee Tips

This slow cooker recipe is like bread and butter pudding meets apple pie.  The apple is fresh and soft whilst the raisins lend a sweet taste.

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Slow Cooker Stuffed French Toast

Photo: Who Needs A Cape

This stuffed French toast has cream cheese as its filling.  The soft creaminess cheese is sweetened by powdered sugar which we are sure you could substitute this for maple syrup for a healthier version.

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Caramel Pecan Slow Cooker French Toast

Photo: 12 Tomatoes

Caramel and pecan go so well together.  This French toast is simple to make and tastes decadent.  The sweet sticky caramel with crunchy nuts on soft gooey bread is delightful.

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Slow Cooker Banana Blueberry French Toast

Photo: Fit Slow Cooker Queen

This recipe is simple to make with layers of fruit in between each slice of bread.  The bananas and blueberries are great for you and as they use unrefined sugars in this recipe, it is a healthier way to start your day.

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