Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

What better way to say Happy Mother’s Day than a home cooked breakfast

Photo: Katie Cakes

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you are looking for a first mother’s day breakfast recipe or just want to cook something nice for your mother at breakfast, we have you covered.  Here are some decadent as well as simple mother’s day breakfast recipes, the kids can even help you make them.

Raspberry Nutella Pancakes

Photo: Katie Cakes

These raspberry nutella pancakes tastes as amazing as it looks.  They are easy to make and you will probably find you have most of the ingredients already on hand.  Perfect for a Mother’s Day breakfast.

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Healthy Fruit Pizza

Photo: Life Made Sweeter

This fruit pizza is a great way to start your day, ideal for a Mother’s Day breakfast and also the kids would love helping you out.  You could also substitute and use any fruit to make this delicious breakfast recipe for Mother’s Day.

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Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Waffles Recipe

Photo: My Gorgeous Recipes

This Mother’s Day recipe waffles are super tasty.  What better way to send your love with a heart shape waffle first thing in the morning.  You could easily dress up waffles with fruit, chocolate sauce, maple syrup or just plain icing sugar sprinkled on top. Yummy!

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French Yoghurt Cake

Photo: The Londoner

This yoghurt cake for a Mother’s Day breakfast is so simple to make yet looks decadent enough to serve for a special day like Mother’s Day.  This is a great Mother’s Day recipe that you could have pretty much any time of the day.

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How To Make Eggs Benedict

Photo: Simply Recipes

Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast recipe that is fit enough to make for Mother’s Day.  Oozy egg, salty bacon, buttered bread, all topped with a lovely hollandaise sauce.  Delicious!

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