I have tested six “breakfast on the go” products over a week to test whether they are genuine alternatives to a traditional breakfast. Which brand will come out on top?

The “breakfast on the go” food category is booming. Thanks to our busy lives, long commutes and hectic work life balance, more and more brands are appearing on the shelves. Each promises us a commute friendly and filling alternative to a traditional breakfast.

But how good are they when it comes to a) flavour and b) keeping you full enough to get through to lunchtime?

I decided to discover whether these alternatives are really a viable alternative to eating a bowl of cereal, having some toast or even just some fruit.

Day one: Saturday

Time: 8.30am

Bar: Belvita breakfast bar soft bake (filled) – strawberry


  • Taste score: 1/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 4/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 2/5


It is the first day of the challenge and I’ve got a busy day ahead with the kids and family. I’m really hoping I can start the ball rolling on a full stomach.

I started to get peckish around 08.30am and reached for the Belvita bars to begin my challenge.

The flavour is very sweet and the bar has floury texture. It is also extremely dry with a chemical after taste and smell to them. All in all it was too claggy in the mouth and I had to wash it away with some water.

Having said all that, the bar certainly took the edge off my hunger, and I no longer had the same pangs.

By 10.30am I could start to feel my stomach grumble but my mood didn’t change at this stage.

By 11.30am I was eating a full English breakfast at a cafe, and I doubt I would have happily held on any longer.

I wouldn’t choose to eat one of these again. The taste was very processed and the texture was like a dry sponge. Also, it only really staved off my hunger for a couple of hours at best.

I’d compare this to eating one banana.


Day two: Sunday

Time: 9am

Bar: Go Ahead! Yoghurt Breaks – strawberry


  • Taste score: 2/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 3/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 1/5


I didn’t get chance to think about having something to eat until 9am, and by then I was extremely hungry and my stomach was rumbling like a thunder storm in the tropics.

The Go Ahead! Bar had a much milder taste than the Belvita and it is nowhere near as sweet. It did however have a very dry texture.

The bar took the edge off my hunger, but I could tell my body wanted to eat a lot more.

And so it did! I was hungry again by 10.15am and eating an early lunch by 11.30am.

I would say this bar was no different to eating an apple in the morning.


Day three: Monday

Time: 7.50am

Bar: Kellogg’s Special K cereal bar – Berry


  • Taste score: 2/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 4/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 3/5


I was particularly hungry this morning and my previous experience filled me with a sense of dread. When I opened the wrapper I was even more concerned with how small these are.

The taste was very chemically, and not at all pleasant.

Although I still would have liked to eat more, it did help to reduce my hunger more than expected. However, within an hour I was in desperate need for some more food.

I’d compare this to eating a small apple.


Day four: Tuesday

Time: 8.30am

Bar: Nature Valley Popcorn – Salted caramel, almond & pretzel


  • Taste score: 5/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 2/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 1/5


This was easily the best tasting of the breakfast meal replacements I’ve tried so far, but also as small as a baby’s finger.

It was a pleasure to eat, with a subtle flavour and not as sweet as I’d expected.

Although it tasted good, I’d also eaten it in three small bites. I knew I would be in trouble as soon as i unwrapped it, and I was. By 9.30am I was hungry again.

A bit more substance and this would be a winner, but I would compare the effects of this bar to drinking a glass of water.


Day five: Wednesday

Time: 9.20am

Drink: UP & GO Brekkie without the bowl – Vanilla


  • Taste score: 2/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 5/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 5/5


I’d worked my way through the bars and now moved on to the drinks.

I hated every gulp of this. It comes with a bizarre, grainy texture and an odd aftertaste. I didn’t enjoy drinking it but this has been the most filling item I’ve consumed so far.

I had already had to have something to eat by 12pm in the previous days. Today, I still felt fine as I approached my lunch break. I was a little peckish, but nowhere near as hungry as before.

I’d compare this to eating a bowl of cereal.


Day six: Thursday

Time: 9am

Drink: Weetabix On the go – Strawberry


  • Taste score: 4/5
  • Initial fullness factor: 4/5
  • Lasting fullness factor: 4/5


This is a really smooth drink, much like a slightly watered down milkshake or flavoured milk. This was a much better experience than the previous day, and I could have drunk a lot more of this.

I felt like I’d had a small breakfast, and it wasn’t until close to lunchtime that I started to think about food again.

The milk based drink does leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouth, and you’ll want to wash that away with some water. It’s not a major thing, but you’ll notice it.

I’d compare this to eating a small bowl of cereal.


In conclusion

The closest product to having a breakfast was the UP & GO Brekkie drink, but I really wouldn’t recommend it from a taste perspective.

The winner for me is Weetabix on the go. Although it is not perfect, it tastes good and keeps the hunger at bay long enough to get you through to lunch.

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