Egg is a great source of protein.  They are fairly inexpensive and widely available if not in every then most supermarkets.  We have found some excellent egg recipes that you may like to try.

1. Special Dippy Egg and Soldiers

Photo: eggrecipes

This recipe oozes soft yolk and whilst ‘soldiers’ traditionally are fingers of toast, this recipe uses asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham giving it a nice salty crunch.  Get the recipe here at

2. Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Photo: Anjali Prasertong

This egg recipe is a great way to have pizza first thing in the morning.  The avocado with cilantro and lime gives it a great zesty boost.  It has a refreshing taste with a nice doughy pizza base, all topped off with a fried egg.  Get the recipe here at

3. PB&J Crunchy French Toast

Photo: Incredible Egg

This lovely breakfast french toast has a crunchy twist.  Dipped in chopped peanuts and then lightly fried is a great way to start your day.  Get the recipe here at

4. Eggs Baked In Roasted Tomato Sauce

Photo: Quentin Bacon

This egg breakfast is warm, filling and delicious.  It may take a while to make as you are slow roasting the tomatoes but we reckon you could make this ahead of time.  Get the recipe here at

5. Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Photo: Irish American Mom

Smoked salmon scrambled eggs on toast is exactly just that.  Creamy scrambled eggs topped with delicious smoked salmon on a crunchy toasted bread.  A tasty way to start your day.  Get the recipe here at

6. Ham N Cheese Strata

Photo: Lil Luna

This breakfast recipe is so easy to make.  The ingredients are basic too, you just need bread, ham, egg, cheese, butter and milk.  So simple! Get the recipe here at

7. Oven Baked Egg & Chips


Oven baked egg and chips is so simple to make.  The ingredients are egg, potato, tomato, olive oil and paprika.  You basically put everything in a pan and leave to cook whilst you get on with your morning.  Get the recipe here at

8. Potato, Bacon and Cheese Omelette

Photo: FoodToLove

This breakfast omelette is quick to make.  The egg is a good source of protein along with tasty bacon and potato to fill you up.  Get the recipe here at

9. Spicy Chorizo and Tomato Frittata with Pepper Jack Cheese


What a great way to start your day with a spicy chorizo egg breakfast.  This dish can also be eaten at lunch or dinner.  It’s filling and tasty.  Get the recipe here at

10. Eggy Puds

Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Who said Yorkshire puddings are only for roast dinners? This Yorkshire pudding is a great way to have your breakfast, filled with delicious soft fried egg, bacon and parmesan it is worth a try.  Get the recipe here at



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