Sweet potatoes are so versatile and are a great way to use up on your breakfast recipes.  You could make sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup, sweet potato hash or simple baked sweet potato and fill these up with some hearty fillings to name a few sweet potato breakfast ideas.

Sweet potato nutrition contains a lot of healthy benefits.  They contain a good amount of minerals which include calcium, iron and potassium.  They also contain vitamins B and C as well as beta-carotene which is an antioxidant.  Sweet potatoes are also high in fibre which is good for your body.

We have picked out 5 excellent sweet potato recipes for you to try out.

1. Baked Eggs And Spinach In Sweet Potato Boats

Photo: Happy Healthy Mama

Baked sweet potato is so easy to make and the sweet potato is roasted until beautifully golden.  This sweet potato recipe is healthy and nutritious and tastes just great too.

Get the recipe here at happyhealthymama.com

2. Fluffy, Thick Sweet Potato Pancakes

Photo: Paleohacks

These sweet potato pancakes are soft and fluffy.  The sweet potato adds a natural sweetness and added fibre to your sweet potato pancakes making them a delight to eat for breakfast.

Get the recipe here at paleohacks.com

3. Sweet Potato Smoothie

Photo: A MindFull Mom

This sweet potato smoothie is warm with spices and is also vegan. What a delicious way to have your sweet potato breakfast.

Get the recipe here at amindfullmom.com

If you are looking for more vegan recipes, why not try our 8 vegan breakfast recipes here.

4. Sweet Potato Granola

Photo: Minimalist Baker

This sweet potato granola recipe involves a baked sweet potato with the flesh scooped out and pureed.  Granola is great sprinkled over yoghurt served with some fresh fruit.  As an alternative, why not check out our variety of granola bars.

Get the recipe here at minimalistbaker.com

5. Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Photo: The Fitchen

This sweet potato breakfast recipe is simple to make.  This sweet potato hash is crispy round the edges and are a healthier alternative to your regular potato hash.

Get the recipe here at thefitchen.com

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